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Project SWING (Safety with no Gaps) is taking place from 1 April 2007 to 31 December 2010. The project’s goal is a comprehensive and meaningful conception and solution for the problem of the individual participant in traffic as one of the three key elements in the area of highway traffic safety in the context of modern European trends.

Expected benefits

  • a positive impact on reducing the number of traffic accidents and their consequences, since all of the project’s content is aimed at increasing the positive effect of the human factor – the individual in highway traffic

  • the creation of the preconditions for the revising of existing legislation relating to the problem of highway traffic

  • the creation of basic legislative material relating to the environment of motivational sanctions (a qualified overview of compliance with established rules in real highway traffic – detection of an infraction – evaluation of its seriousness – handling of the infraction – determination of the sanction – enforcement of the sanction)

  • the compiling of in-depth analysis of the structure of direct and indirect damages arising in connection with highway traffic accidents and a proposal for minimizing them with an emphasis on direct sanctions against violators and their direct involvement in compensation for the damages caused

  • a proposal for a modern concept of the general system of prevention in the Czech Republic (with a dominant focus on persons up to age 25, seniors and individuals with physical disabilities)

  • the creation of general and specific campaigns in the area of highway traffic safety based on modern marketing principles

  • the proposal of a unified system of communications between public administration and the public (Public Relations) including the determination of the principles of crisis communication
The final results of the project will be published in English in the spring of 2011.



Petr Kohout
(Head of the Company)
140 00 PRAHA 4
Czech Republic
tel. + fax: +420 241 732 198
Project Manager
Roman Budský
mobile: +420 776 195 576
tel.: +420 486 204 480
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