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AZIN - graficky prvek - sipkaCurrent Core Activities

  • Research in the field of crisis management in transportation
  • Research in the field of increased security in transportation
  • Research of the human factor issues in the nuclear energy sector
  • Crisis management and emergency planning in the energy, heat and chemical industries

Research works from the most recent years oriented on projects resolution in the commodities of the Ministry of Transportation and Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic:

  • "Resolution of Illegal Acts in Aviation"
    (resolution in 2001-2003)

    The result of this project was creation of a computer model containing scenarios for resolution of the most dangerous crisis situations, such as terrorist actions at international civil airports in the Czech Republic.

  • Optimizing the Crisis Communication of the Ministry of Transportation of the Czech Republic with Other Crisis Management Bodies
    (resolution in 2004-2005)

    A proposal for a complete data sources integration of the Situation Center of the Ministry of Transportation of the Czech Republic has been prepared and a set of integration optimized procedures for connection of external data sources to the cited Situation Center has been created.

  • Reliability of the Human Factor In the Nuclear Energy Sector
    (resolution in 2004–2008)

    This project deals with methods of capability assessment and increasing of the reliability of the human factor in the operation of the Czech and Slovak nuclear power plants.

  • Transportation Infrastructure As a Critical Element of the National Infrastructure from the Viewpoint of Ensuring the Basic Functions of the State
    (resolution in 2004-2007)

    The task of this project is preparation of procedures, methodologies and models for assessment of the transportation infrastructure understood as a critical element of the national infrastructure, subject to respecting the requirement for ensuring the basic functions of the Czech state.

  • Stable Complex System of Drivers’ Training and Motivators for Compliance with the Road Traffic Rules
    (resolution in 2005–2007)

    This project deals with draft complex nation-wide methodology dealing with the optimum forms of training and testing of drivers of motor vehicles. The project also includes a proposal for an effective sanction system and a proposal for further motivators leading to increased safety on roads.

    For the purposes of foreign cooperation, this project is presented under the title TWIST. (Transport With Sense and Tact).

  • Methods and Tools for Increasing the Reliability of the Human Factor in the Safety of Road Traffic
    (resolution in 2007-2010)

    This project is loosely connected with the previous project and its objective is a proposal for such complex of measures that will significantly increase the quality of the human factor as one of three key elements in road traffic, which primarily influences the level of safety on Czech and European roads.

  • Creation of an Information Database to Increase the Security Standards for Protection of International Airports in the Czech Republic
    (resolution in 2007-2009)

    The objective of this project is to create specialized information bases for increasing the level of safety at international airports in the Czech Republic against illegal acts in the area of radiation protection and detection RTG equipment.

  • Management of Transportation of Hazardous Items at the European and National Level in Relation to the Crisis Management System of the Czech Republic
    (resolution in 2007-2010)

    The objective of this project is to design and perform a pilot test of an effective system of management of hazardous items transportation on roads in relation to the crisis management structure of the Czech Republic.

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